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Ten years ago I fully committed to learning to be a singer-songwriter. Now I am launching a new Chapter of my life doing just that. It's amazing and also crazy. I've found some great people to work with so things are now being produced.

One of my goals now is find a group of friends/supporters who can me with me on this journey Backstage.

Special releases, demos, Backstage sharing only work I'll be able to share here.

It will be fun.

Love Nicky

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Kelowna, British Columbia

I have always been an Entertainer from my earliest days on ice.

Now I'm stepping up to add Singer-Songwriter to that Entertainer background whilst making Short Films and inventing new personas too.

My personas can speak of life from a different perspective and musical genre - great fun.

So thank you for joining me. It's great to have your support.

Anything is possible.



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